Tips to Prolong Life Span of Soap

How long does opened soap bar lasts?

Since our soaps without added any preservative and fixative agent, once opened and started to use, generally they will last for three to six weeks but this of course depends on how many people are using, how often they are used and how they are stored. 


How to prolong the Life Span of Soap?

To prolonging the life span of natural soaps, please ensure they do not sit in water when they are not being used. It is best to rest your soaps on well-drained soap dishes. You may also use a soap pouch to carry the soap, when using just need to get it wet then rubbing it with hands until create sufficient soap lather, use the lather only for body or face wash, after use just rinse the soap pouch and hang it to dry.



How to store unopened soap bars? How long does unopened soap bar lasts?

Please always keep your unopened soap bar in a cool, dark and dry place, it may lasts for one and half or two years. As for best result, suggested use them within the specified time frame, or else the precious oils may go rancid. However, it is also depends on the ingredient of soap. Some of the soaps mixed with unstabil oils or contained fresh vegetable or fruit juices, all these may affect the shelf life of the soap. You may consider to keep them in a container and place it at the lower part of fridge in order to delay the bacterial derived, or get advice from your soap supplier.