Basic Knowledge of Commercial Chemicals

Knowledge of Commercial Chemicals 

These chemicals are widely used in many conventional shampoo and personal care products.

  • SLS which is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a surfactant and foaming agent. When combined with water, it dissolves grease and oil. However, the drawback is that it strips off the body's natural oil too which can cause the skin to be dry, flaky and irritable. SLS is commonly found in common household products like shampoo, body & hand wash, detergents and dish washing liquids.
  • SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) is a close relative of SLS boosts the product's cleaning power and gives the foamy appearance which consumers perceive to be effective in cleaning. Unfortunately, it is frequently contaminated by a carcinogen called 1,4 dioxane, which is commonly created as a manufacturing process by-product to reduce harshness of SLS.
  • Parabens is a man-made preservative widely present in personal care products as it is cost effective in prolonging the product shelf life by killing microbes, fungus and bacteria. Parabens are endocrine disruptors stored in the body tissue that interfere with glandular activity and hormone production. There are findings that show that parabens act like estrogen, which may increase the risk of women developing estrogen-positive breast cancer. Also, several studies have reported low sperm counts as well as decreased levels of testosterone in men through absorption of paragons in commercial products.
  • EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid) and its salts are prevalent in commercial products especially commercial soaps to bind metal ions which inactivates them and is a form of preservative. This binding of metal ions helps maintain clarity, prevent rancidity and protect fragrance compounds in personal care products. There are findings that show that EDTA is known to cause skin and eye irritation, contact dermatitis and is a penetration enhancer which breaks the skin's protective barrier and goes right down into your bloodstream.